Considerations Taken by Ultivid to Come Up with Exclusive Winning Dropshipping Video Ads

Dropshipping permits easy selling of the products without the need of stocking any
inventory. It has been considered to be an easy and low risk method of business for earning
a good return. With the dropshipping industry on its way to reach the sky limit, video ads
are gaining high popularity.
The right type and high quality video ads help not only in creating brand awareness, but also
boost sales margin magnificently. Ultivid is taking extreme care to come up with highly
effective video ads for making the marketing campaign a grand success.

High Stress is Given on the Timing and Stuff of the Video

Yes, of course it matters! Too long or too short videos may result in making the viewers
bored. The video comprising a length of maximum twenty seconds is considered to be the
best. The first four-to-five clips comprising of 2-3 seconds will be a great choice.
Among those twenty seconds, the first three seconds matter a lot. If it is attractive enough,
then the viewers will go through the entire sequence. At the time of crafting, the following
points are kept in consideration by Ultivid:

 Product in action
 Problem that is solved
 The specific solution for the particular problem

The last clip is inclusive of a call-to-action feature. Some soft music clip is also included to
enhance the overall grace of the video.

Steps Taken by Ultivid for Crafting Exclusive Dropshipping Video Ads

The right type of dropshipping video ads plays an important role in converting prospects to
sales. Vital steps taken at the time of crafting video ads include the following:

 Inclusion of the name of website – Including the website URL in the video ad will
make it easy for the customers to check the products available in the respective
shop. It will also pave the pathway for people to get in touch with the customer
service team directly regarding any query. Ultivid takes utmost care to include the
URL at least once in the entire video.
 Opting for an explainer video – Videos are no doubt, much easier in terms of
understanding than still pictures. Explainer videos will help the users in an easy
understanding of the entire process. It will not only catch more attention, but also
increase the chances of receiving more number of brands by the respective brand.
 Putting up relevant stuff in videos – Videos inclusive of something useful are always
appreciated than the ordinary ones. Hence, at the time of coming up with an

exclusive dropshipping video ad; Ultivid ensures to include some relevant stuff for
learning. It will help users to make the right decision.
 Graphics matters a lot – The color combination included helps in enhancing and
decrementing the value of dropshipping videos. Hence, utmost care is taken at the
time of crafting video ads. Especially in case of white background, use of too many
colors is avoided. The color usage is kept to moderate to provide high level of
comfort to the eyes of the viewers.
 Quality is maintained – The quality of the video matters a lot, especially for
marketing purposes. High-quality footage is included to make the videos stand out
from ordinary ones. Ultivid takes utmost care to make the videos feel highly
authentic and convey high level of professionalism.

These are some vital steps that help in coming up with a high quality dropshipping video ad.
You may expect to get cent percent return from the money you are about to invest. As
quality video ads are viewed at a high rate, it may be expected that they will gain high
popularity on social media platforms as well.

Last but not the least, Ultivid does not forget to include a call-to-action button into the
video. If you are planning to come up with quality video ads, then you are at the right place.


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